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EAST DRIVE CD Pre-Release: March 13th live @ LOFT / KÖLN
Picture of the week
EAST DRIVE - 13.3. live @ LOFT / Köln




Dear friends,


welcome to my world of music!


If you are in or near Köln on Saturday, March 12th, COME OUT & DANCE! 

It´s time for Global Dance Kulture again.


The very next day, March 13th, I will be presenting my latest recording with EAST DRIVE - our view on Eastern European Childrens´ Songs.

The concert will feature star vocalist Tamara Lukasheva & saxophonist Alexey "Losch" Malakhau, plus an amazing & groovy string quartet! 


All other details for venues, masterclasses & concerts you´ll find under "dates".




Applications for the SUMMER EXCHANGE FESTIVAL 2016 (August 4 - 8) are running! Reserve your rooms now.





GLOBAL DANCE KULTURE - mark your calendars for the coming parties in 2016:


March 12th @ Stadtgarten / Köln

April 22nd @ Stadtgarten / Köln

May 7th @ XJazz Festival / Berlin

May 14th @ Stadtgarten / Köln

June 25th @ Stadtgarten / Köln

July 16th @ Summerklaeng / Köln

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