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Live @ Theatre, Beirut




Dear friends,




I hope that you´re doing well and are warm and healthy ;) 

My year has started like a rocket, and I´ve been touring almost without a break again. 


The cold of this season is always a nice opportunity to look for warmth in our inside.... 




Just returned a couple days ago from Athens, Greece, after a short tour and studio session with my brothers PETROS KLAMPANIS and KRISTJAN RANDALU. There is a new trio recording coming up soon - stay tuned.  


This year has been rolling like crazy so far... I´ve already played 3 (!) concerts at the amazing ELBPHILHARMONIE in Hamburg, one of which was with KINAN AZMEH & the great cello maestro YO-YO MA. 

Talking of great concert halls, I´m looking forward to be performing three times at the new BOULEZ SAAL in Berlin this december (on the 14th, 16th & 29th).




Hope to see you soon! 





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