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Video of the week
Preview for the next Party - thanks to klangmalerei.tv
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GLOBAL DANCE KULTURE, 25.9.2015 live @ Stadtgarten!

September 18th, 2015



Welcome to my world of music!


Next week´s Friday, September 25th is reserved for another GLOBAL DANCE KULTURE - live dance party at the Stadtgarten in Köln. Come and join if you´re near. 


All other details for venues, masterclasses & concerts you´ll find under "dates".




This year´s SUMMER EXCHANGE FESTIVAL in the Giant Mountains was magical! See the Video on the left <----

Applications for 2016, August 4th to 8th are open and already running! We´re growing steadiliy and creatively :) 



The last GLOBAL DANCE KULTURE on June 13th was gigantic! Such guests as Michael Küttner (dr/perc), Pablo Giw (trp/electr), Maracatu Colonia, BeaTricks and many more made it a special and intense night! 

! watch the latest video HERE !

(feat. Gilad Hekselman, Petros Klampanis, Kristjan Randalu, Pablo Giw, Beat Nuggets and others....)


MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR THE NEXT DATE @ Stadtgarten / Köln: September 25th! 

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