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Dear friends,





This time, New Year´s Eve I decided to sit in silence; my personal desideratum, and a sort of experiment. It went well. A lot of thoughts, emotions and solutions seemed to appear in a short time. I will write more about that soon. 

Besides that, with these words I´d like to express how grateful I am to this world, to this life, to all these people I´m blessed being connected with in my everyday life. 
I am thankful for being able to learn more every day, to understand a tiny bit more about who I am.
Thankful for having understood how to deal with both euphoria and depression.

I´d like to wish each and everyone to be happy, healthy, peaceful and free in the year to come. May you be safe, inside and outside. And if not - may there be enough compassionate beings in your vicinity to reach out a hand, or two.

There were many tragedies happening in this year - which I was not untroubled with, too. But again, learning from pain and learning from loss is one of the most valuable lessons.  

I hope and I believe that what we´ve experienced and gone through in the past will lead us to becoming more aware of love, peace, and our true, human nature in the year to come. 

Friends: Stay together - open your eyes - be compassionate.

And you, 2017: May there be more love, peace, truth and wisdom everywhere in the world.

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