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EAST DRIVE & Tamara Lukasheva:
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Live @ Stadtgarten, Köln. © Peter Tümmers




Dear friends,


this year has been rolling like crazy so far... I´ve already played 3 (!) concerts at the famous Elbphilharmonie (Hamburg), one of which was with Kinan Azmeh & the great cello maestro Yo-Yo Ma. There´s some nice footage of that on my facebook page - so check it out (link is at the bottom of this page) ;)


Now I´m looking forward to a tour of Estonia, with my bro and musical partner Kristjan Randalu - we´ll play a few concerts with Nguyen Le, Petros Klampanis, Kinan Azmeh; and then perform another couple shows in our famous duo formation: Grupa Janke Randalu! 



!! My NEW CD "East Drive: Savka i Griska" has just been released on the Dreyer / Gaido label, and is now available in stores worldwide and digitally, too!!

Order your signed copy directly - just write an email to me ;)



Hope to see you soon! 





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