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Hello friends -



I hope you can already enjoy spring - wherever you are at this moment.


 We all deserve it at this point... and I also hope that many of us can be inspired by the event of spring, in a spiritual sence: The affirmation of something new being born, new hope, new confidence, particularly for a more peaceful coexistence on our planet.  



In the past months I´ve been mostly busy with finishing my latest album, my new baby - it´s the first thing I´m putting out there under my name since the release of my "Global Dance Kulture" in 2009: 




                                                   "Bodek Janke: SONG" 





----> stay tuned; soon there will a lot of new things to listen and watch! It´s a vibrant mixture of my favourite musicians, my favourite songs and much more.... I am getting really excited now!! :)) 



Please click on "dates" for all info about my upcoming concerts & other actions!




See you hopefully soon, all the best - 


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