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Palatia Jazz Frankenthal in "Die Rheinpfalz", 31.05.2010
"Sticks" vom September 2009
Deutscher Jazzpreis in "Stuttgarter Nachrichten", 04.10.2008
Jazzpodium September 2008
Deutscher Jazzpreis, 10.07.2008
Jazzthetik 2008

“Janke is truly among the good ones.”
(JAZZPAGES, March 2010)

“...les percussions très délicates de Bodek Janke“

“With an intuitive grasp for the moment, careful, creative and like a mastermind at the same time... a masterful performance in the soundscapes of jazz.”
(STICKS, April 2009)

“Above-average. A magic moment of improvised music. Janke makes drums and cymbals sing.”
(SUEDKURIER, July 2009)

“The percussive work of Bodek Janke intertwines subtly and one understands immediately why this young man has been called an outstanding percussionist.”
(hr-2 KULTUR / Jazzfacts, March 2010)

„The Universal Language - music - is made up of many dialects. Bodek Janke is a master of more musical dialects than anyone I can think of and on his new CD „“ Bodek tells a joyous music story by combining the world's musics in a personal and sophisticated way. Enjoy the journey.“
(JOHN RILEY, New York City)

"The music (The CD “Desde Manhattan”) drew me and took me for a ride around town. Fantastic playing and composing as well. Janke is in full form."
(ARI HOENIG, New York City)

“Bodek is making his own rules as he goes along and that´s a good way to go.”
(PETER ERSKINE, Los Angeles)

“Janke’s drumming is a masterpiece, his distinct and emotional playing is surpassing.”
(BERND KONRAD, Stuttgart)

“Having produced recording sessions with Bodek, I can attest to what a truly marvelous musician and human being he is. His talents are astounding, with a diversity of influences that is incredibly vast, musically connecting the ends of the earth. Music is the language of all people, and in this language Bodek is a poet. He represents what this society is striving for - unification through work, love, and beauty.”
(TYLER DUNCAN, Michigan)

In between the worlds
Bodek Janke walks playfully in between the worlds, he never seems to fear borders between genres, he actually merges them into a masterfully balanced unit. Music under his guidance radiates effortlessness and implicitness, making it distinctive throughout.

(ELIZA REZNICEK, Badische Neueste Nachrichten, February 2008)

Magic Rhythm
The polish - born Bodek Janke is one of the most exceptional young musicians of the current Jazz and World Music scenes. Based in New York City, he is a cultural commuter between the USA, Kazakhstan, Russia, Poland and Germany.
With his playing, Janke creates a new, distinctive style, merging drumset with a wild variety of instruments and drawing upon African, Indian, Eastern European and Latin American music traditions. He plays World Music with a jazz attitude and Folk Music with a contemporary language. And, above all, this “shaman’s” energetic and expressive performances and compositions captivate every audience.
An event that touches you to the bone.

(Stan Kelberg, ‘Forum’ 24/II, New York 2006)

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