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Culture and retreat center Przesieka

Our offer

Diverse mountain terrain and ecologically clean climatic area (mountains, rivers, forests, waterfalls, lakes). Beautiful, far views into the Karkonosze Valley. Miscellaneous natural fauna (deer, eagles, butterflies, boars, wild birds), different plants and trees on the property of the center (apple, walnut, plum, pear and cherry trees; blueberry and blackberry plants; large quantity of mushrooms).

Active sports: Ski lifts in close-by cities (but not viewable and audible from our property). Hiking and biking trails in surrounding forests. Rock-climbing areas.

Healthy, organic food with natural regional products and from our vegetable garden. Traditional Polish and vegetarian organic cuisine.

International, multilingual library; diversified listening offer from all around the world in our music room.

Sauna and spa facilities with natural pool, next to the river and waterfall.

but first and foremost:

Regular workshops (for all age groups):
  • Music (instrumental lessons, rhythmics, percussion group, choir singing - we have a grand piano and a few upright pianos, drums, percussion, string instruments, a comprehensive sheet music library)
  • Dance
  • Arts and crafts (above all incoroporating natural materials - wood, stone, clay etc.)
  • Botany and herbology (guided active tours in our region)
  • Nature study
  • Excursions focusing on different natural topics, e.g.: "heaven and earth" - simple basic knowledge of geography, meteorology and astronomy (especially for children)
  • Cookery courses: healthy organic cuisine focusing on different cultures and styles.

Culture and Nature Society
It is our goal to bring people together and to give them positive and creative energy through intense contact with nature and arts. We want to raise our guests' awareness for a peaceful, responsible and environment-friendly togetherness, in accord with nature, inspired by artistic activity. A close cooperation with nearby cultural centers is planned; e.g.: our chamber music hall, library and music room will be used by the nearby music school, for giving children a regular opportunity to play in front of an audience.

Multikulti Kids
Our special focus is in intercultural gatherings of children: Making music, singing, cooking, hiking together and learning about the others' culture in a playful way. The children learn to be social, responsible, peaceful, and respectful with each other, in the midst of a natural environment. They learn how to cherish and protect both our planet and arts.

By the end of each workshop we will have a final event in which every participant will present something. For example a collective concert, an exhibition of the crafted works or a feast (after cookery workshops) by the bonfire outside.

Artists in Nature
Besides the participants of workshops we will be constantly hosting artists and musicians from all over the world contributing to the creative atmosphere of Przesieka. Those people will reside alone or with their families, for working on certain fields, practicing music or just taking vacation.

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