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Attending to a live concert with the drummer and percussionist Bodek Janke and his band "" is similar to a journey around different cultures of our planet.

Music ist the universal language. In all music traditions there are rhythms and melodies entertaining, bringing people together and making them happy.

Inspired by several (worldwide) travels, New York-based Bodek Janke creates an extraordinary kind of stage performance: His compositions include musical elements from India, Africa, the Far Eeast, Brazil, Eastern Europe, Balkan regions and African-American jazz traditions. Their common element is a pulsating improvisation, which is always core and foundation of the live show.

Within a concert the band plays live interludes between the pieces - just like a DJ in a dance club. Finally you can dance to a jazz concert again! Sometimes to the sound of a didgeridoo and grand piano, sometimes to the groove of a tuba and cello. But certainly you'll be kicked and moved by a breathtaking variety of percussion instruments from all over the world.

"The Universal Language - music - is made up of many dialects. Bodek Janke is a master of more musical dialects than anyone I can think of and on his new CD "" Bodek tells a joyous music story by combining the world's musics in a personal and sophisticated way. Enjoy the journey." (JOHN RILEY, musician/educator, New York City, May 2008)

"As I am listening through Bodek's new CD a part of me is feeling amazed to observe the changing expressions of different moods on my face. My mind is filled with joy and satisfaction and I am offering a warm embrace to my dear disciple (although not yet officially initiated). The transitions are so smooth and obvious that it didn't even occur to me that these were 17 separate tracks. At a deeper level these, to me, reflect the transitions I have seen in Bodek in the last few significant years of our acquaintance. The CD is the journal of a journey through different experiences of his life. Ultimately, Bodek doesn't make music for himself alone, his music is for the universe. It embraces the cosmos with an appeal for any thing receptive to such vibrations. It transcends technicalities, it transcends average human perception. Each and every sound, movement are blended and justified to perfection. It brings blissful tears to my eyes." (PANDIT SAMIR CHATTERJEE, musician / composer / founder of the Indian cultural organisation Chhandayan, New Jersey, May 2008)

"Bodek is making his own rules as he goes along and that´s a good way to go." (PETER ERSKINE, musician/composer/producer, Los Angeles, August 2004)

"Having produced recording sessions with Bodek, I can attest to what a truly marvelous musician and human being he is. His talents are astounding, with a diversity of influences that is incredibly vast, musically connecting the ends of the earth. Music is the language of all people, and in this language Bodek is a poet. He represents what this society is striving for - unification through work, love, and beauty." (TYLER DUNCAN, Michigan-based musician/producer, 2-time International Acoustic Music Award winning composer, 3-time Irish World Champion instrumentalist, October 2007)

Magic Rhythm
The polish - born Bodek Janke is one of the most exceptional young musicians of the current Jazz and World Music scenes. Based in New York City, he is a cultural commuter between the USA, Kazakhstan, Russia, Poland and Germany.
With his playing, Janke creates a new, distinctive style, merging drumset with a wild variety of instruments and drawing upon African, Indian, Eastern European and Latin American music traditions. He plays World Music with a jazz attitude and Folk Music with a contemporary language. And, above all, this "shaman's" energetic and expressive performances and compositions captivate every audience.
An event that touches you to the bone.
(Stan Kelberg, 'Forum' 24/II, New York 2006)

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